Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still blogging

I am still blogging to the people who have emailed me, but I am now blogging at my new wonderful, super duper site. My new home. Click here to visit Spiritual Business.

New post on Moon in Capricorn - tricky little sucker!

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Fish Girl and I shared lunch and thoughts yesterday.

We talked about her early learning of that which cannot be reversed.
We all learn at some moment in our life that here are things that happen or are said that you cannot reverse.
For some it happens too young. The death of a loved one. An accident that changes everything. I pondered on this subject this morning and I thought of people I know who learned this lesson too early. People who have grown with the legacy of 'final' in their hearts forever.
I know some folks who have not yet been introduced to this harsh and heavy realisation. It is coming. It comes for all of us. Noone is exempt.

I learned mine at 18. I have a friend who learned hers at 6. Another friend at 7. My daughter learned hers at 3.
It is an important lesson though. One which you cannot avoid so accept it is coming if it is not yet come for you. There are somethings that you cannot take back, cannot change and cannot undo.
I know there is not a thing I could have done differently for my lesson. Except maybe spent a few minutes longer on the phone that night the last time I spoke to her. Told her I loved her, what an amazing friend she was. How there were few others that accepted and loved me, foibles and all.
But I didn't know those words to tell till after she was gone. In learning the lesson, I understood her importance in my life. How her decision would shape my path and sit quietly in my heart forever. There is not really a week that she doesn't pop in my head. Most days she comes back to remind me, tell me off, comfort me and love me.

But I cannot reverse it.

It cannot be undone.

Now the lesson is to accept.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

555 the number of love

Yesterday it was the number 444 casing me, today it is 555. The number of balance and harmony. Interesting as I move towards the end of one of the biggest experiences in my life, beside having children and making a commitment to my Gandalf. I am beyond freaking myself out now. I trust. The energy at work at the moment is gorgeous. The best ever in the history of the business. It is warm and loving and so, so very funny. Now, I just have to pull the work in for these talented and amazing people. i will do it. It always comes through. I have to finish this project first and clear the energy highways. Sometimes the universe clears your plate for you and whilst it may seem difficult at the times, the more you trust the more it makes sense. There is no way we could have hit our deadline with a crazy amount of other work on. It stopped and went on hold so we could finish. We are close. the website launches next week and I will start to sell my books online. They are already in some stores, with it being launched into major stores next week. Wow, wow, wow!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

From Here to Quaternity

Jupiter and Pluto both go direct this week and next after nearly 6 months of contraction from these two planets.
Hallelujah! I felt the shift today. Amazing times!

For the last 8 weeks I have been followed by the number 4.
I see 4's on everything. 4.44pm is a usual time for me to look at the clock. The amount of syncro I have had with 4's is crazy and disturbing. It is beyond a pattern. I was so afraid of the 4.
I would panic whenever I saw it. I asked the universe what it meant. No meaning until today. The message came as my books came up the stairs.

It was so clear I couldn't even believe that I was ever afraid. Jung was fascinated with the number 4. In fact, some folks claim he did to the number 4 what Freud did for sex.

Jung belived the number 4 to be an ordering number. a number that puts everything in its place.
It is the number of completion. Four is the number of creations. Everything comes from the number 4. It is the number of manifestation. Idea + Believe + Create + See.
There are 4 elements in astrology, four seasons, four directions on a compass, it is the only number in the English language for which the letters in its name is equal to the number itself and 4 nobles truths in buddhism.

Jung likened the number 4 to the mandala. Moving from individualtion to whole. The four segments that make up the mandala.
Interestingly the front of my book has a mandala on it. It has come together. It is complete.

Final note: I was watching a show about Nostrodamus tonight. I googled him and learnt his predictions were over a 444 year period.

And so it goes.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What a hoot

These are the owls I saw in a 30 minute period this morning after a successful Spiritual Business meeting this morning. The owls never fail me. They show me I am on my yellow brick road.

Owls show you your way through the dark. Their night vision goggles work a treat for those who seems a little lost in the woods. Owls bring symbols and messages. Owls are my friend.

Here are my pictures of the owls I saw this morning.

The owl is my totem and for that I am protected.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Allegory for August

I am about to launch the fabulous book. It looks amazing and I am immensely proud of it. Everyone who touched it has left their impression on it and for that, it is better than I ever imagined.
The website through which I'll sell the book is special also. It is filled with all the things I want to have at work each day. Daily inspiration, humor and beauty. I will mail all who have registered for their copy of the book, once it is ready to send out. Should be in about one week. Exciting and humbling.

This, however, is tempered by difficult times at work. I am comforted by the fact it is not anything we could have predicted. It is not a staff issues. I have the best team I have ever had.
It is entirely a situation that is out of my control and more a global economic issue. I am careful to not fall into scarcity mindset. There are timing delays, that is all and we will, as we always do, catch up.

It is so, so important that you release the fear. When you release the stress and the worry and fear then you can hook back into what you it is you desire. Releasing the fear clears the path.
Of recent times I have not been able to see the path from the amount of vines and undergrowth that has overwhelmed it.

My job is to respect and honour what has or hasn't come my way lately. I have to learn from it so I can clear the path. How, why and when did these choking vines grow, I ask myself ?

I let them grow because I was spending all my time fearing the path ahead. Worrying about the bears (real or imagined) in the forest. I was so busy looking around me I stopped to keeping my eye on the path in front of me. The yellow brick road that leads me to my own Emerald City - enlightenment.

It is so important we stay on the path. The experiences, people, challenges and opportunities that you meet on this path are there to teach and give you something that will enable you as you head towards your own Oz. The secret is to stay on the bloody path!

So, tonight I am back on the path. A little worn, a little dusty and dirty but I have my scythe and I am clearing the vines. My path is my life's journey. I have been disconnected as I have wandered into the forest.

Tonight on the phone, my lovely Gandalf guided me home. Bringing me back to the safety of the yellow bricks and I now I am headed in the right direction. The only tools I need are my courage, wisdom and heart.

Thank you and goodnight. See on the yellow brick road.

Moon is in Leo

Moon in Leo can bring out your inner child.
My inner child is raring today with some virus and a case of me wanting to call a 'waahbulance.'
Weekend has been given away to 3 events, none of which I am truly thrilled about. A work function, a breakfast and a dinner at which I could get burned at the stake for my beliefs. In the very least, I will be spoken badly of behind my back. Ah yes, good times ahead. Must remember to wear garlic or other strong perfume.

And the beat goes on.